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Full Potential Is About You

...is an online shop that launched its first product line in March 2016.  Though the title name of this shop suggests the shop would offer customers tools and instructions to help them fulfill an achievable task or aim; well agreeably, it does not necessarily look that way from our home page. I do not aim to fulfill such a paramount goal for  customers. I was motivated to start selling artwork in 2015 and to create a new niche for online shoppers who are missing out on the unique style offered by me on products people want to buy. 

I sell unique art and sell art on a variety of fashionable items like the clothing line.  I believe that the products I sell and the way I place art on fashion will appeal to adults who search for a new brand and style for their wardrobe.  And would wear it to stand out from those trends their friends buy; or it could be that my next customer would be you who later mounts a piece of art from my store that defines your space and the art creates conversation when no one else around would have my art.  I aim to attract other art & fashion designers in the industry that may want to add my style to their storefronts, media and markets, too.

The title, Full Potential Is About You, is a statement I often write in my notebooks when I am caught up refining the skills and the purpose I put into my work group, reminding myself to give the best presentation and not ever being too shy again to show my unique style.  I aim to impress my style regularly to my repeat customers and new visitors. I want to fulfill a gap in fashion for adults who have not found that creative image or cover for their own presentation & wardrobe.

The snail? The image of the snail represents one who works to fulfill a task at a different pace, no matter the controversy. 

I believe my style and layouts for adults are simply fun, cheeky and also minimal, offering the right mix of colors on fashion and art for walls & covers. And I also sell some edgy art illustrations for those who want to have more daring styles and find a place for my art that I have not fulfilled in my product line.

I aim to find customers online who want to make business with me and possibly use my art to create their own line of  products.  The art illustrations (including photographs) are sold via the Message Us tab on the bottom right corner of our store. Through Messenger you would have access to the files and you get to compare them with our product creations. I saved and zipped my art pieces into .jpeg digital files, less than 12MB in size.  Each image is sold at a flat fee of £15.00. And there are several images that are used in my collections sold together as a set. I believe I have people convinced that anyone of my pieces would fulfill a need to my customer -- either for fashion, a gift to friends or a toolkit to bring to the office.

So in all, at Full Potential Is About You, shoppers will find that we sell our art and also found products to express our art on a variety of clothing items, for adult men and women; we also sell ceramic mugs, two styles of tote bags, Samsung Galaxy phone cases  and iPhone case covers that are printed-on-demand on high-quality brands from  popular suppliers like Teelaunch and Printify.  As you might have already seen and heard, TeeLaunch, Idea Bits and Printify print the items we sell, then pack and ship them from America to our customer's door. And we sell worldwide!

Full Potential is About You, is a lot like a partnership that offers its service worldwide for individuals and businesses to add my art and style to their toolkits.I offer people a new image and my message furthers the potential of other artist and businesses along with the awesome and friendly teams of suppliers and the selling platform.