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News just in from Teelaunch to all shoppers, and more so, to shoppers based in America who will soon celebrate their Independence Day. The cut off date for 4th of July deliveries will be the 19th of June.

Shoppers may know that Teelaunch is one of our drop shipment companies that is based to print and ship our product line from the American warehouses. Teelaunch administrators have just announced a request today that store owners inform American shoppers about the current deadline to place orders they would want to arrive before the next major American holiday, Independence Day.

The average delivery time of orders placed in the U.S.A. is 7 days. Whilst delivery takes up to 14 days to the United Kingdom and other European States; and up to 21 days to other world regions (except for our Teelaunch printed mugs because the company has international affiliate printer companies to achieve their aims further).  

So American shoppers!!!--please please please place your orders in the next four days to be sure the items you want arrive on your doormat before the Fourth of July. 

We aim to fulfill our shopper promise guarantee with all our printing and shipping companies. Consistency and timeliness is in our actions to give shoppers a good shopping experience, so that you are happy to wait on delivery, gives us positive reviews and suggest our print designs to their friends. We realise that printing our designs with American based warehouses means there are periods across the year where demand for prints is much greater than usual around their holiday periods. And a few coincide with other calendars. Teelaunch has been around long enough to know about this trend and how to give us heads up to share with shoppers.

Often times online shoppers don't naturally know these periods may cause delays or simply require a few more days to account for the amount of orders and the production teams needed to print each time an order is placed. Like us, they aim to be sure you get the print exactly as you see on the website, if not better.  Remember that we are an on-demand print design store with a few supplies. Therefore, all our products only begin to exist after the order is placed by the shopper online. Teelaunch does not keep a supply of each of our prints at any given time of the year. But they surely work efficiently to produce high quality printing services and delivery on behalf of our store. 


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